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Surfing’s great but you know what, it’s tough on the body.

And that’s where Paddle Pillow can help.


Insert one of these into your wetsuit – cross-ways above your chest bone – and you know what, not only can it help your paddling and increase your water time, you might save yourself a whole bunch of trouble with your lower back. That’s my experience. And since using Paddle Pillow, I surf more often and for longer and I’m not laid out afterwards trying to recover from excruciating back pain.


Now enjoyed by surfers world-wide, try it out for yourself and see how Paddle Pillow can make a difference to your surfing and increase your water-time.                    

So what is Paddle Pillow?


It’s a small waterproof inflatable air-pocket which you drop into your wetsuit and position cross-ways above your chest-bone.  If it is not comfortable, it's either too inflated and/or not in the correct position so play around with it 'til it feels right!


Discrete and light, Paddle Pillow won’t weigh you down. Plus it’s re-useable, just keep it with your gear and avoid sharp objects otherwise it will burst (it is a bubble of air after all!)


Even if you don’t suffer from back problems, this might help you prevent them in later years whilst providing additional paddle power to give you more water-time.



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Dave Collins